Stroud Metal Company Limited

Pressings and engineering, tooling design and manufacture

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  • Deep Drawn Pressings


    Stroud Metal has been a leader in deep drawn and progression pressings manufacturing since 1926. Our reputation is built on delivering experience, innovation, quality and service.

  • Metal Pressings

    Tooling design

    Tooling capabilities from Stroud Metal range from the simple to the complex. We work in partnership with clients to develop state-of-the-art components to their exact specifications.

  • Presswork Of Parts


    At Stroud, quality is paramount in everything we do. We constantly strive to improve our technology and customer service, so our partners have a seamless experience from start to finish.

  • Metal Presswork

    Project Management & Development

    Sparked by innovation yet grounded in experience, our dedicated designers and engineers work with clients to design the most efficient, elegant solutions for their needs.